How to Behave On Your First Date

How to Behave On Your First Date

For some people, a first date is a stressful experience. After all, it is your first face-to-face interaction with a potential soulmate. So many things may go wrong, turning a lovely evening into a complete disaster. However, being relaxed and psychologically prepared for your date will prevent most common problems, and you will have a truly fun and enjoyable experience. Although practice makes perfect, it is better to get some advice based on the blunders of others. Here are some tips to help you survive your first date.  

  1. Be Ready for Dialogue

Do not be self-absorbed. Nobody likes narcissists who talk about their lives for hours. If you feel nervous, you might end up talking about yourself as it is the most obvious subject coming to mind under stress. This will possibly be misconstrued, annoying the other person. If you think you might get anxious, prepare some topics beforehand so you do not feel lost. Ask your date questions about their hobbies and experiences, but keep the topics positive. Avoid any subjects that might upset them. Discuss your mutual interests, things which inspire you. Showing genuine interest in your date’s personality is an effective seduction technique.

  1. Avoid Your Past Romantic Failures

A first date is not the time to complain about heartbreaks and describe your past love life. This will hardly sound appealing to the other person and is essentially a road to failure. First of all, lengthy descriptions of past experiences indicate that you are not ready to move on. Secondly, nobody wants to spend time discussing people you used to date, especially if your story sounds like moaning. If you are asked, however, stick to some general facts. To endear the person sitting in front of you, you must focus on them, not yourself or your past. Savor the present moment and take the opportunity to learn about your potential partner.

  1. Avoid Overly Personal Subjects

Nobody likes feeling examined or questioned, so remember the basic small talk guidelines. Never openly psychoanalyze the other person or make conclusions about their personality flaws. Show gratitude for your date’s willingness to discuss personal matters, but never pressure them into going there. And, naturally, never try to discuss sex or suggest meeting at your place, which implies it. That is, unless you are consciously looking for a fling or intend to scare the person away. Even though the notion of social norms is changing and you may feel drawn to each other physically, sex is not a decent conversation topic.

  1. Follow Social Etiquette Rules

First impressions are crucial, so be punctual and polite. Be a true gentleman if you are a man, be a true lady if you are a woman. Remember that an insightful person can also deduce a lot from your body language and the way you treat waiters and other service staff, so be respectful to everybody.

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