3 Tips on How to Marry a Foreigner

3 Tips on How to Marry a Foreigner

Have you ever wondered what is it like to marry a foreigner and live somewhere far from home? Or, maybe, you just have such plans? It seems that a lot of unmarried girls and divorced women are literally obsessed with the idea of finding a fiance abroad and arranging their fate away from their homeland.

What motivates us when we start looking for a couple on social platforms and forums? At first glance, the answer is obvious – the desire to finally solve the burden of financial and domestic problems, to guarantee a decent life for our children.

The number of successful and unsuccessful marriages with foreigners is approximately equal. However, the gap between expectations and reality is much deeper. Whatever you say, but moving to another country is always stressful and challenging. The reasons to leave family and friends, start speaking a foreign language, adopt in a different culture and mentality must be strong. If you feel the readiness to check your chances – here are 3 tips on how to marry a foreign man.

Check the Differences

The main thing that all foreign seekers of Slavic wives note: they are less demanding, less feminized, less obsessed with social realization. One Slavic woman married an American farmer. She went to live far from the city and didn`t expect to have such a boring life. Another woman became the wife of progressive-minded Egyptian, but after several years of marriage, he forced her to wear a hijab. More often, we hear that the Germans are too stingy, the Italians are frivolous, the French are soft-tempered, and the Georgians are lazy. Fairly to be happy with your couple you need to understand clearly the mental and cultural differences.

Learn the Language

Language is one of the most important components to arrange marriage abroad. Sometimes people from different countries cannot communicate only because one does not speak the language of the other. Sometimes you can perfectly understand the speaker, read foreign literature, but you cannot express your thoughts. For some time you have to live in the country of the target language. Try to communicate with native speakers, learn about their lifestyle, their habits, and traditions.  

Think and Act Like a Woman

Modern trends show that women more often choose the male line of conduct. They come home from their offices continuing to behave as business-partners. Women expose their independence and don`t even know that men are not interested in them. To avoid these difficulties, try to reveal your woman qualities and show the importance of man in your life.

Therefore, women should assess their readiness to marry a foreigner beforehand. Eventually, the circumstances of a new life will prevail and if you are ready for them, then the tale may become a reality!

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